Come on Down to Fizzy’s!!

We believe in our idea – a family place where people can have fun! Check your cares and concerns at the door and take a moment to indulge your inner childlike spirit with a handful of colorful candy, a fresh burger in a basket or a scrumptious treat from the fountain.


Everything about Fizzy’s is designed to promote a youthful state of mind. Reflecting on a bygone era of soda fountains and homemade waffle cones and mixing it up with playful colors, vintage décor and a spunky, stress-free atmosphere. Playing off of the personality and charm that Old Webster offers while creating a place to hang out and feed your creativity as well as your appetite. The old-fashioned soda fountain was the center of social activity in the late’30s and they grew into the cool hangouts of the ‘50s. Fizzy’s combines the vintage feel of the early days of soda fountains and mixes it with a modern twist. Fizzy’s is designed to be a fun, happy, imaginative place that allows people to unwind and take a moment to enjoy the simple things in life. Whether it’s creating a one-of-a-kind soda or a sundae masterpiece – come to Fizzy’s and enjoy some sips of sweet goodness.

Vintage modern mixes old and new
~ meet Fizzy’s ~
a modern day soda fountain!

Listen to :  Webster Groves-Fizzy’s Fountain on  KTRS 2013